We also rent walkie-talkies to movie studio teams, company security personnel, catering companies and nightclub bouncers. Our clients include bbc Wembley, London Olympics, Twickenham, Wembley, London Westfield, RFU, Universal and Renault. 1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, the «Owner» means Paramount Radio Communications Limited, whose registered office is at 128A Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH.1.2 The «Renter» means the company or person who rents the Equipment in accordance with the Rental Agreement.1.3 «Equipment» means the items specified in the Rental Agreement and includes all accessories and parts. Replacement, Extension and Additions.1.4 «Rental Period» means the period during which the Equipment is leased by the Owner to the Renter as specified in the Rental Agreement.1.5 The Equipment will remain the property of the Owner (including all accessories, replacements, extensions and additions) for the duration of the Rental Period, and nothing in the Agreement shall grant the Renter an interest in the Equipment.1.6 The Renter shall assist the Owner to: return to ownership of the equipment if the renter has lost or otherwise abandoned possession during the rental period in violation of these terms. Even if the device is considered lost, it remains the property of the owner under these conditions. Price. Prices are indicated on the rental form. The rental price does not include delivery or collection costs, fuel, applicable taxes, cleaning or repair costs, appraisals or other ancillary costs or expenses. All these costs are the responsibility of the tenant. 2.1 The fees for the rental period must be paid by the renter in advance, unless an agreed credit facility has been agreed with the owner prior to the shipment of the device. Additional rental fees or other amounts to be paid under this contract must be paid immediately by the tenant upon request.2.2 The renter may cancel the shipment of the material in writing with 15 working days` notice. Shorter cancellation times may result in ongoing rental charges.2.3 The Renter shall ensure that all relevant delivery information (including contact details of site staff) is provided to the Owner to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of the equipment to the pre-arranged address on site.

This Agreement shall be construed, governed and enforced in accordance with the Agreement under English law. The customer, hereinafter referred to as the renter, agrees to have rented the items listed on KC Wireless, Inc. Rental form and on the express condition that it remains the property of KC Wireless, Inc. at all times. These policies, along with the rental form, invoice, credit information, credit card authorization, and other documents, are part of the same lease. Rental periods. The day rental is valid for 24 consecutive hours. Weekly rentals are valid for seven consecutive days and monthly rentals are valid for the consecutive number of days in the month in which the equipment is rented. that is, 28, 29, 30, 31 days. Non-functional equipment. KC Wireless, Inc.

equipment will be offered for inspection and testing at the time of rental. KC Wireless, Inc. must be notified 24 hours a day if a device does not work. Unless notified, KC Wireless, Inc. will consider all devices as leased, regardless of their actual condition. Please return non-functional devices to KC Wireless, Inc. .