There is nothing wrong with being delivered on site as long as the merchant tells you in advance what is going on. If you know this information, can you decide if you want to take the vehicle home or go to another dealership to continue shopping? «Cash delivery» is a technique used by car dealers to trick you into receiving a vehicle immediately after a car store has agreed. But be warned: just because you deposit cash and drive out of the dealership with a new vehicle doesn`t mean you can keep driving. A good F&I manager does everything in his power to get the deal before committing to a cash delivery, after all, he is not paid if he does not make the deal, and it is normally he who must make the call to pick up the car from you. The non-premium supply of automobiles has been in effect in Oklahoma since 1998, and the state`s transaction rules and regulations are fairly favorable compared to some other states, said Eric Johnson, a consumer financial services attorney at Phillips, McFall, McCaffrey, McVay & Murrah. After signing the contract and all the documents related to the car you are buying, you can accept the delivery of the car by the dealer and take it home without knowing that you are not officially admitted under the terms of the car loan you have approved and signed. The spot delivery process is at the root of many car dealership horror stories. If a dealer makes you believe you bought a car, then call you a few days or even weeks later to tell you to bring the car back. It can be very annoying. Often, the people who are put under pressure by these cash delivery systems are the most vulnerable, those with tarnished credits or low incomes who do not have many alternatives. The quintessence is, take your time and do your homework. Don`t think about it and don`t let the seller rush you into anything. Cash delivery fraud is also known in the industry as «fraudulent financing,» «resigning document scam,» or «yo-yo financing scam.» This merchant tactic is today one of the most frequent and widespread frauds in merchants.

First of all, I would like to say that not all cash deliveries should be considered fraud and that all merchants` staff should not be considered fraudulent. Delivering a vehicle to a customer is a daily process at car dealerships across the country. Cash delivery allows customers to secure a vehicle before financial information is approved….