Neither the Code nor the Rules explicitly or implicitly penalize, in the Committee`s view, the use of such compensation and do not comply with the provisions. In summary, we conclude that a lawyer`s participation in settlement agreements that contain such provisions would constitute a prohibited acquisition of a financial (albeit potentially negative) interest in the cause of the claim or the subject matter of the dispute that the lawyer is bringing, as well as an undue advance of financial assistance to a client. See SCR 20:26 and SCR 20:1.8 (e) and (j). Since construction disputes so often involve multiple parties and complex issues, the potential costs associated with each of these provisions can be very significant. Indeed, the cost of a legal defense can quickly overestimate and overestimate the cost of the claim that actually underlies. For example, a plumber involved in a home renovation might only have a US$10,000 contract to refurbish the main bathroom. But if the plumber doesn`t just agree to hold the G.C. .