You may be tried for violating your PFA. Unlike other criminal charges, non-compliance means you are not entitled to a jury trial. However, they are entitled to advice. If you have been charged with violating a protection order, your first step should be to hire a lawyer to help you minimize the negative effects of the violation. This is especially true if you have criminal or civil lawsuits that could be aggravated by the violation of the ASA. Of these options, non-compliance with the charge is usually the most effective. Since custody and access agreements are authorized by the courts and legally binding, failure to comply with their provision constitutes a violation of a court order – contempt. A charge of non-compliance allows the court to take measures such as imposing fines, prison sentences, physical restitution of the child to the other parent, denial of access by the injuring parent and ordering the defendant to pay damages and attorneys` fees to the applicant. When a person works in other family law matters, when they are prosecuted for violating a PFA order, the situation can often become incredibly complicated. If it is established that a person has breached a PFA order, custody disputes and separation agreements can be put out of order. Criminal prosecution or convictions cannot lead to a limited prison sentence. In addition, a person who, in addition to his violation of the PFA, is confronted with criminal domestic violence may be tried on these charges. .

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