Run these steps to order advertising services and find links to vendors that have agreements with UCLA. Two types of volume agreements are available: limited volume and unlimited volume. You have to go to certain departments to get the licenses, depending on the type of software. You will find the procedure under «Software License Acquisition.» Class B orders are restricted frames that can only be used by the department identified by the department`s four-digit code before the order number. His department should keep a list of Open Class B framework contracts when they have been created. The list must contain a remaining amount and expiry date so that your department can track usage and request change orders if they need to add money or renew the framework contract. Request a new service contract or an amendment to an existing contract using the following procedure: Class A orders are authorizations against framework agreements or sales contracts entered into by Campus Purchasing with campus-wide (Class K) or divisional (Class B) suppliers. They contain discounts, terms and conditions of service that have been verified and negotiated by purchases to protect the interests of the university. For more information on university licensing contracts or product recommendations for university licenses, please contact your campus representative at the UC Technical Acquisition Support Advisory Committee. SS Agreement and University of California Terms and Conditions The Business Contract Matrix provides insight into the differences between a sales and service contract and a (business) contract that generates revenue.

The list of credit agreements includes an index of items for which university agreements have been negotiated and established. Depending on the agreement, individual users or named campus contacts may have access to technical support. Standard Independent Consultant Agreement and Supplement A110 (by OMB Circ. A-110) A list of many goods and services purchased by the university as well as contact information for the buyer in campus purchases that you can support with anyone. Professional service agreements (not for construction) Class K contracts are campus-wide framework contracts that are not limited to a particular department. Most departments can use agreements with Class K framework orders by issuing Class A authorizations against them. Orders funded by federal grants/cooperation agreements. Subawards, by the Office of Contracts and Grants Admin. (OCGA) are managed, the BC unit verifies and manages the revenue generation agreements that are on behalf of the Regents of the University of California (UC Regents) making a net profit (after expenses) for UCLA. Our goal is to provide a value-added service that meets your department`s schedules and objectives.

To browse the list of agreements, click on one of the titles: Commodity or Vendor. The list is sorted by the selected title. Business contracts (BCs) are business service agreements between UCLA and a (non-federal) client with whom the client pays UCLA for service delivery and net income is achieved.