An indeterminate employment contract is generally terminated either by the employer or by the worker who terminates the employment contract. The worker is not required to give specific reasons for dismissal, but is required to respect the notice period. On the other hand, the employer cannot terminate a employment relationship without reasonable and serious reason. The employer must also respect the notice period. If you are unable to file an electronic termination declaration or if authentication is not possible, you can terminate a rental agreement for a rented apartment with a printable termination form. Please note! You will find frequent questions about the coronavirus outbreak and termination on this page. At the worker`s request, the employer must immediately make a written statement indicating the end date of the employment relationship and the grounds for dismissal or dismissal of which the employer is aware, on the basis of which the employment relationship is terminated or terminated. In order to avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary legal action, it is important to explain clearly and accurately the reasons for termination or cancellation. Before terminating your employment relationship, you should have the opportunity to give your opinion on the reasons for dismissal. You have the right to use an assistant. You can submit a termination of a lease to rent electronically. You can use online banking information to authenticate yourself in the service. In order to expedite the processing of the notification, it is advisable to issue the termination as soon as possible, as soon as your plans to remove the apartment have been confirmed.

The worker is not required to indicate the specific reasons for dismissal, but the notice period must be respected. You can request a written statement of the reasons for dismissal via this form: request for document from the employer (doc, Finnish). The other party must be personally notified of the termination of the employment relationship. If this is not possible, the notification can be sent by mail or email. As a worker on an indeterminate contract, you can terminate your contract at any time. You are not required to provide a reason for dismissal, but you must respect the notice period set by the Collective Agreements Act and/or the collective agreement for your work. An indeterminate employment contract may be terminated by notice. In this case, the notice periods set out in the collective agreement law or in the existing collective agreement and in the employment contract must be respected. The employer is required to pay the final payment of salary or final account, including leave pay due, no later than the end of the employment relationship, unless the existing employment contract or collective agreement otherwise agrees. If the payment of the final tally is delayed compared to what has been agreed, you are entitled to full compensation, plus penalties for the delay period, but not for more than six days. You can only announce the termination of a fixed-term employment contract if it has been agreed with the employer or if the term of the contract is longer than five years.