Executive Severance Agreements – A paper published by the University of Pennsylvania that examines severance agreements and the impact they have on CEO revenue. John: Are there any special severance laws in Massachusetts that protect me and my severance award contract? Samuel: One of the most important things about severance pay is that if you don`t have a union contract or if you`re a public employee protected by the public service, we have an individual contract contract with the company. All illegal discrimination laws at the national and federal level also apply to a retiring staff member and you can negotiate them as part of the severance package. Separation and severance agreements are among the most powerful employment contracts available, not least because they contain provisions requiring workers to renounce powerful and important rights. We have answered the most common questions below regarding severance and severance agreements. If you have any questions after the audit, contact Steffans Legal. We recommend that you have at least one lawyer to understand the document and give you suggestions on how to protect your rights. Some jobs require severance pay under the terms of the employment contract or staff policy. Other jobs do not require severance pay or additional compensation or payment in the event of termination. The Operation of Severance Pay Plans and Their Implications for Labor Mobility – This publication, originally published by the Ministry of Labour in January 1966 and made available here by the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve, provides historical information and case studies on severance pay. But I`ve always been there, it`s not fair! All right. But there is no law that requires the payment of severance pay.

For both the employer and the employee, it is important that the language of the severance and separation agreement be clear, so that all parties understand the rights and obligations conferred on them by the agreement. For an employee, the separation agreement is a way to negotiate and maximize his or her final compensation package. For the employer, the separation contract is a way to put an end to other disputes, prevent potential litigation and protect the business. Typically negotiated provisions include the consideration of the agreement, severance pay, maintenance of health care, outplacement benefits, confidentiality of the agreement, references, an agreement that cannot challenge unemployment benefits and disparagement clauses. Severance agreements often contain enforcement provisions for breaches of the terms of the agreement, such as confidentiality.B. These rules of application are often the subject of negotiations. Finally, it is not uncommon for employers to require outgoing workers to meet non-competitive obligations, which can hinder a worker`s professional development and create unexpected financial barriers. It is important that you understand your employer`s expectations before accepting severance pay and that you remain, if necessary, within the scope of your competition bans to ensure that you can work faster in the industry you know best. Today we are talking about severance pay. Welcome, Sam.

To Jurgens v. MicroGroup, for example, an employee claimed that the alleged non-payment of severance pay by his former employer as part of an agreement was contrary to the Massachusetts Wage Act. A Massachusetts Supreme Court rejected the employer`s request to dismiss the appeal and said that, in accordance with Wiedmann`s Supreme Court decision, «a broader definition of salary» is appropriate and should not be limited to excluding severance pay. However, later, in Birnbach v. Antenna Software, a federal district court in Massachusetts, did the opposite. She invoked the unprecedented Massachusetts Appeal Court decision in Platt v.