Sanquin and the trade unions CNV Zorg-Welzijn and FNV enter into a fixed-term collective agreement. At the end of this period, the collective agreement will remain in effect until new agreements are negotiated. The collective agreement provides for agreements, for example, on salary, working time, leave and leave, travel allowances and pension. If you run a business in the Netherlands, you may need to work with a collective agreement (Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst, CAD). CAOs are collective agreements between employers (or employers` organizations) and unions on wages and other conditions of employment. The Sanquin collective bargaining app is available on the App Store (IOS) or the Play Store (Android). Unia has 265 collective agreements with employers that protect about 1.3 million workers. Because CLAs set a minimum wage, they protect low and middle wages in particular. This will allow us to protect ourselves from unfair wage cuts and avoid wage discrimination for women. A collective agreement (CLA) is the best guarantee of good working conditions in Switzerland. A CTC provides workers with an instrument to ensure fair wages and better working conditions with the union. For more information on our terms and conditions of employment, see The Sanquin Collective Agreement is also available as an app. How convenient! It contains practical information.

B on pay scales, public holidays and school holidays. It also helps you calculate your irregular hourly allowance. Collective agreements (CLA) impose minimum working conditions and mandatory wages for entire sectors or individual enterprises. . Are you a proactive assay developer who likes to tackle new and challenging trials? In our laboratory, we develop tests for both pharmaceutical diagnosis and routine diagnosis by tailoring the tests to the needs of our customers. We are actively involved in the implementation of CT for organic products. Are you a self-starter, but you also like to finish with a proper and timely coverage? So, please keep reading and apply for this exciting role! Unia offers a CLA service (German, French and Italian). This is a quick guide to your questions about the conditions of employment in your sector (minimum wage, overtime rate). Browse current job offers or select an item from the top navigation above. Sanquin Diagnostic Services is a lucrative part of Sanquin and works closely with Sanquin Research.

All profits made by Sanquin`s for-profit parties are taken into account in the non-profit sanquin research, where academics are. Sanquin Diagnostics Services provides transfusion-related counselling and diagnostic services, blood-borne infections, immunology, clotting and hematology. For more information, see the Sanquin collective employment contract. Wages in Dutch universities are set at the national level and are listed in the collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO-NU). An academic`s position on the salary scale (which is on page 80 of the OAC-NU) depends on his position, qualification and experience. The salaries shown in this article are pre-taxable. Dutch salaries are supplemented by a leave allowance of 8% (paid in May or June) and a year-end pension of 8.3% (paid in December).