Staff Committee Chairman Mel Brodsky said the agreement was reached quickly and by mutual agreement. He added that the PSC had voted unanimously in favour of the pact and had encouraged the members of the Board of Directors to do as they did. Mary Thiess, President of the PSC, thanked the office for the pleasant and respectful environment in which the negotiations took place. PLYMOUTH-WHITEMARSH, PA — The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently updated its database to record teacher salary data for 2016-17, and several Montgomery County districts were among the highest paid in the region. At its monthly business meeting on March 21, the Colonial Council of Principals ratified an agreement with colonial education professionals (CESP). The new contract will run from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022. 103 – Non-discrimination in school and class practices 433 – Visit to Congress and professional meeting The average colonial teacher makes US$89,555, according to the data. 229 – Mgmt of Student Activity Funds and Employment of Independent Contractors for Student Activity Programs 919 – Rate of Pay for Audio-Visual Services for Outside Groups Here are the statistics for Montgomery County, 409 – Position Descriptions for Department Representatives in High Schools 436 – Leave of Absence for Professional Development and Professional Exchange 000 – Board Policy Procedure/Administrative And Regulations. Finally, all policies are posted on the BoardDocs page.

101 – Mission Statement/Vision Statement/Shared Values 714 – Facility/Services Usage by Parenther Organizations See Colonial School District BoardDocs page for agendas, minutes, revised policies and more! Click here to visit BoardDocs. During the meeting, the Board of Directors also recognized the undefeated Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Newman Boys` basketball team. 702 – Gifts, scholarships and applications from outside agencies The Colonial Board of Directors is currently subject to a comprehensive review of colonial school district policy, as well as a migration of school board documents to a website called BoardDocs. 103.1 – Non-discrimination – Qualified students with disabilities 105.1 – Review of teaching materials by parents/guardians and pupils 302 – Director General of the school as Executive Director of the Board of Directors 236.1 – Progress Reports – Students and General Program 240 – Awards sponsored by external organizations 006.1 – Attendance at meetings via Electronic Communications Click on the name of the directive, to go to the corresponding document.