6. The provisions of this section apply to a fixed-term agency contract when it is converted into an indeterminate agency contract pursuant to Section 14, provided that the notice period is taken into account in the calculation of the notice period. In a decision of 18 July 2018, the Paris Court of Appeal recalls the pickets and the consequences of the breach of the commercial agency contract. Its solution is worth reporting because it provides an overview of the fundamental issues in this area. After the recall of the (…) 2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, a Member State may provide that an agency contract is valid only if it is proven in writing. The characterization of a contract as a commercial agency, the key to access to protection status under the 1991 Act, is the focus of our attention this month. In this case, a supplier and a distributor had entered into two contracts on the same day. The first, a commercial (…) The contract with commercial agencies is definitely at the heart of this quarter`s case law. Qualification conditions and issues (see ECJ June 4, 2020 V. in advance: N.F.) should not obscure the importance of the issues that normally arise in the course of their execution. A decision of the Court of Justice (…) 3. A commercial clause applies no later than two years after the termination of the agency contract.

where the client terminated the agency contract due to a delay in the commercial agent, which would justify the immediate termination of the agency contract in accordance with national law; The salesperson must control the behaviour of his own salespeople. This is the main lesson that can be learned from the judgment under comment. Company N, whose objective is the marketing of dietary supplements, uses the exclusive services of company C as part of a commercial agency contract in 2006; (…) 1. Member States take the necessary steps to ensure that the commercial agent is compensated after the termination of the agency contract in accordance with paragraph 2 or compensated for the damages covered in paragraph 3. A commercial agency contract subject to a duty of bilateral loyalty (Com.C., art. L. 134-4). If the client does not comply with this obligation, he can attribute the violation initiated by the agent and, therefore, the (…) The parties may not depart from Sections 17 and 18 at the expense of the commercial agent before the expiry of the agency contract. A sub-contract is a contract whose purpose is fully or partially in accordance with the performance of a principal contract.

This often occurs in service contracts and, in particular, in commercial agency contracts. In this case, the sub-agent is nothing more than a sales agent (…) A commercial contribution agreement between two companies under which W was responsible for advertising to customers who may be interested in the services offered by Company O. The contracts offered to the contractor contained general and specific terms (…) 1. Each party has the right to obtain from the other party, at its request, a signed written document containing the terms of the agency contract, including the terms agreed at a later date. The waiver of this right is not admissible. 1. For the purposes of this directive, an agreement limiting the activity of a sales agent after the termination of the agency contract is referred to below as the limitation of the trade clause. In the event of a merger, Econocom, the client, proposed and proposed by its commercial agent, SD Lease, the conclusion of a new agency contract modifying the basis and rate of its commissions – the rate of 6% of turnover is replaced by 9% of the gross margin – and including one (…) when the sales agent, with the agreement of the client, has transferred his rights and obligations arising from the agency contract to another person.